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Welcome to Inflatic, a leading Digital marketing company in Surat. Our honest and transparent work speaks for itself. We create completely customized strategies based on your business goal and customer activities, which greatly help a business to flourish online. Apart from this, we keenly observe the ROI before advising you on how to spend your money on marketing.

Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to exhaust your budget as we are an affordable digital marketing agency.

Inflatic is now known as one of the most creative local marketing companies. We have skilled professionals in our team who design campaigns according to your business needs. Our powerful and effective marketing tactics assist in increasing your online revenue.

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Want to Drive More Traffic and Leads to your Business?

We got you covered! From small scale start ups to already established brands, we have provided our services to a number of business owners from Surat and other cities. With a custom approach to every client’s campaign, we ensure our strategies blend with unique business goals.

Our team analyzes your objectives, your business data, and the audience’s intent to develop an ROI-focused approach. As a result, your business will grow and bring buckets of cash. 

We, at Inflatic, provide a wide range of digital marketing services that help you to drive more traffic and convert that traffic into your audience through sales-funnel.

Website planning is an integral part of growing a business online. An excellent, well-designed site increases conversion by 236%. If you wish to conduct your website audit, you need to hire someone else to do it or use a paid tool.

We are an interactive digital marketing company in Surat which offers a website analytic service for FREE! You can get detailed analytics, health score, and more useful information about your website FREE of cost.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You can leave it to us.

Lead Generation

We Generate Leads from Google Ads, Social Media ads, Search Engines and other ways to deliver quality leads to your business.

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Keeping in mind your business goal and analyzing customers’ data, we create customized campaigns that bring you meaningful leads. Our lead generation begins with designing a landing page that will help convert traffic into revenue.

Most of the agency generated leads come from the FB ads. Along with those, we create ads on Google and generate leads from there too. 

We bring about organic traffic, which is the actual target audience. We know the target audience has a high chance of converting into customers as they are the ones interested in your service/product.

The best thing about the organic audience is that you don’t need to pay a single penny for them, as they come after searching on Google.

Once the leads are generated, we guide you on how to create effective sales funnels on them. The benefit of sales funnel is that they convert leads into real customers, skyrocketing your income. We specialize in creating customized sales funnels according to each business. For instance, the funnels we created recently for our real estate client in Surat successfully brought them several well paying customers.

Social Media Management

Did you know? An average of 90% people are active on the internet, and each person spends an average 50 Minutes alone on Facebook.

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Your online presence on Social Media platforms work wonders for your brand. Not only prospective customers use Google to search for a product or service, but they also use search bars of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  However, we understand it is a strenuous task to keep track of all your accounts, regularly post on them, and engage with customers’ interactions.

We, at Inflatic, have professional social media managers who have mastered the art of maintaining an active presence on all forums. By opting for our services, you can completely wean off the worry of handling your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts.  We let you focus on your business by running your social media handles according to your goals.

Not only that, we drive quality traffic from paid and free ads linking back to your business website. These efforts tremendously help in your brand growth and revenue generation. We then run retargeting ads at a very less cost on your social media that increase purchase conversions and multiplies your profit.

Audience Analytics

 Inflatic is the most reliable digital marketing company in Surat, which provides you a thorough analysis of your audience. 

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Knowing the whereabouts of your target audience is the key to the ultimate success of your business. When you get an in-depth analysis of your audience, you get meaningful insights about potential customers. You can then go on to build your business schemes according to the interest of specific visitors.

Another view of audience analytics is that you get a fair idea of the ROI of your marketing budget.

We keep up with the latest marketing trends and ever-changing algorithms. Our priority is to deliver accurate data to our clients so that they understand their customers well. Audience insights include statistics such as demographic info, CRM data, and ad impressions.

Search Engine Optimization

Inflatic is a Surat Based Digital Marketing Agency. We have proficient SEO experts in our team who provide services to a diverse clientele.

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Our SEO strategies are entirely based on your business requirements. We analyze the current technical set up of your site. Based on that data, we implement strategies and make recommended improvements. As a result, you get the right audience from search engines like Google.

Our Process:

Mainly SEO has three parts, and we ace in all of them.

  • Technical SEO

Technicalities that help rank a web page are handled through technical SEO. These include indexation, crawling, site speed, accessibility, and structured data of the website, which may need fixing. Cutting out further jargon, we can assure you that we are adept at handling the technical SEO and know how to improve the ranking of your website. 

  • On-Page SEO

 On-page SEO constitutes the main structure of any site. First, we analyze the current data of the site and make changes according to the Google On-page SEO guide. Among with analysis, Keyword research & targeting, Page Speed and design, content marketing is also included in our services.

  •  OFF Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a critical factor in SEO. Without building a website, we can’t improve its ranking in the search engines. But OFF-page SEO activities may have lots of negative points that can affect your ranking. Don’t worry; our SEO expert team is trained to build right and clean backlink practices that improve ranking.

Copywriting & Strategy

We provide result-driven content strategy and fuel it with professional copywriting that is vital in building your brand’s voice. 

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Compelling content is all you need to turn visitors into customers. Inflatic’s copywriters know the art of gripping the customer’s attention via a copy that converts. Be it your website’s landing page, or any other service description; they lay it out in a clear, persuasive way for the readers.

Our powerful content strategies have been proven to prosper several businesses, which is evident through our clients’ testimonials. They got a considerable increase in engagements and earned revenue. 

One cannot deny the value of persuasive writing. It substantially helps build customer trust, improves search engine ranking, and forces the reader to take action. Avail our services and experience the impact of our smart strategies.

Google Maps Optimization

Setting up the Google Maps listing for your business gives it the hike it needs. We strategically craft and optimize your GMB listing.

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As a business owner, you must have heard of the beneficial impact of Google My Business listing on revenue. 7 out of 10 people who search for a service are satisfied with the search results. Out of those 7, atleast 5 people visit the store which appears on the top of Google listing and buy from there. GMB drives the majority of traffic to any business, hence increasing sales. Undoubtedly, what better way to increase sales than appearing in search results nearby clients?

Inflatic, the most dynamic digital marketing agency in Surat, helps your business listing rank higher on SERP. Because of our optimization, whenever someone interested in your product searches a relevant query, your company will appear in the Maps, bringing lots of engagement.

Adding the right keywords, images, videos, and strategies according to recent algorithms, are some of our tried and tested methods to improve your brand ranking quickly.

Website Development

Do you need an optimized website for your business growth? Get ready to own a well-crafted site designed by Inflatic.

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An efficient, user-friendly website helps business owners achieve Higher visibility, a professional image, higher sales, and, consequently, a high profit. Your website makes your presence online round the clock as customers can approach you 24/7. On top of that, it is cost-effective as you save money used on printing and distribution of promotional material.

By choosing Inflatics, which is the most competent digital marketing company in Surat, you can throw your worries out of the window, leaving the rest to us. We create website designs that are suitable for the layman’s interest. Not only we make it simple enough to help customers browse easily, but we also add engaging content on it that compels readers to stay on the page.

We make it a breeze for your customers to get in touch with you on any page they are via your social handles icons. Moreover, our developed websites are easily maintainable.

Paid Advertisement

The money you invest in Paid ads will surely give massive ROI (Return on Investment) through our effective and proven ad placement strategies.

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Are you tired of waiting for organic traffic on your portal? Do you wish to target the right audience and get abundant sales quickly? Then let us plan and execute what exactly you want through our paid ads tactics.

We place your company’s ads where the crowds are nowadays. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google are the most effective to market a product. By using the best interactive ideas, we hit the bull’s eye by targeting the audience, which becomes your potential clients.

Researching on which platform your target audience spends most of their time is the initial phase of our strategy. Then, we get a way forward to run paid ads on those platforms. Consequently, you achieve the intended effects, which are brand awareness, and prospects quickly turning into buyers.

We further push the envelope by re-targeting setup on Social media and Google, which generates even more revenue. Our past clients swear by the profit they earned through paid ads strategy, especially when their ads were displayed on Facebook and Google.

Success Stories

Humaid and his team help me to get more organic traffic from Google. He has very good knowledge of paid ads as well. Mainly, we are working with clients from USA, UK and other western countries. In the beginning, it was very hard for us to get clients from there, but Humaid has guided me about the perfect pitching strategies and ranked my web designing agency in Google’s top position. Therefore, today I have lots of clients from US, UK and other western countries. He has a vast knowledge of international and local SEO.

Ali Mohammad

Digital Marketer

Inflatic is one of the finest IT company in Surat. They have built a WordPress based e-commerce website for me. Website is totally based on my requirements. The website interface is very easy to use and the website layout is fully SEO friendly and User-Friendly. Inflatic Customer support is Excellent. Whenever I need help, they are always ready to help. After completing 6 months of my website, I wanted to change some layout of my website. They have made all the changes, which I wanted, without any other cost.

Arfat Shaikh


I am a Digital Marketing Trainer at Xplore Institute. Xplore Institute is Surat’s top Digital Marketing Institute. We provide Basic to Advance training. When it comes to Digital Marketing, Humaid has amazing knowledge. He can grow any business online easily, and make your business a six-figure business. He helped us a lot to grow our institute in the beginning.
I Highly recommend Inflatic to everyone, who seriously want to grow their business online and increase revenue from online market.

Tousif Shaikh

Founder, Xplore Institute

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